Who Funds Us

Our grant providers help advance science-based conservation into action.  That's why who funds us says a lot about who we are and the impact we have in agriculture and

the environment.  


Across Rows.  Across Sections. Across Aisles.  

We coordinate with program administrators and policy makers to incorporate behavioral insights and experimental designs into emerging and existing agri-environmental programs.  By plugging directly into these programs, we identify how applications of behavioral science can be used to improve agri-environmental programs. 



Why Funding Matters

Technical assistance is usually the first step in a farmer's efforts to plan for climate-smart practices.  And it is integral to the

follow-up steps needed to implement and maintain any pollution reduction practice or structure. 

Conservation on private farmlands in the US is largely encouraged via a patchwork of voluntary incentive programs implemented by federal and state agencies,

as well as nongovernmental organizations and private

sector actors.


Similar programs exist in the EU. Billions of dollars are invested in these programs each year. Building on insights from the behavioral sciences, CBEAR tests innovative ideas to make these programs more cost-effective.

Grants & Projects