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Why Behavioral Research Funding
Means Sustainability

October 18, 2022

Stay tuned for an announcement about dates and presenters!


The Center for Behavioral and Agri-Environmental Research will be hosting their annual Virtual Research Seminars early this spring. Every year, the Center selects experts from across fields to present their research through our seminars. This year, CBEAR will be selecting their esteemed presenters from the food policy paper submissions. Stay tuned for the seminar date and presenters announcement!

Last year the seminar topics ranged from “Reducing Agricultural Water Pollution” with Dr. David Pannell, who has recently joined the center’s Distinguished Fellows, to antibiotic use testing in the veterinary field with Dr. Hongli Feng. Dr. Kent Messer, one of the CBEAR co-directors, also presented about “Increasing Social Acceptance of the Use of Recycled Water In Agriculture.” 


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