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Field to Market Selected as 2022 CBEAR Innovation Prize Winner

November 17, 2022

The Center for Behavioral & Experimental Agri-Environmental Research is excited to award the CBEAR Prize to Field to Market: Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture™ as innovative leaders in combining behavioral science and experimental design to enhance agricultural sustainability.


As part of the Field to Market: Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture™ November Plenary and General Assembly Meeting, the Center for Behavioral and Experimental Agri-Environmental Research (CBEAR) presented Field to Market with the 2022 CBEAR Prize for Agri-Environmental Innovation. This annual prize recognizes outstanding leaders or groups who are at the leading edge of using behavioral sciences and experimental design to improve programs related to agriculture and the environment.


In presenting the award, CBEAR Outreach Director Mark Masters commented, “Field to Market has demonstrated a unique ability to forge the partnerships necessary to tackle the natural resource challenges in production agriculture today and in the future. By recognizing the importance of landowner engagement in research and policy development, Field to Market is supporting effective conservation strategies with meaningful and measurable environmental benefits.”  

Upon accepting the award on behalf of Field to Market, President Scott Herndon encouraged CBEAR to continue developing innovative, incentive-based approaches to improve the delivery and effectiveness of conservation programs. “The team at CBEAR realizes that understanding farmer preferences and tailoring programs and policy accordingly will be key to continued improvements in soil health, water conservation and sustainable management of our natural resources. We value our partnership with CBEAR and see many opportunities for future collaboration.”

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture brings together a diverse group of grower organizations, agribusinesses, food, beverage, apparel, restaurant and retail companies, conservation groups, universities, and public sector partners to define, measure and advance the sustainability of food, feed, fiber and fuel production in the United States. By uniting the agricultural supply chain and key stakeholders around a common measurement framework, Field to Market seeks to drive continuous improvement in the sustainability of commodity crop production.

CBEAR is a collaborative group of researchers that incorporates behavioral insights into program designs, primarily within USDA, to achieve greater levels of participation and satisfaction, improved environmental outcomes and reduced program costs. Directed jointly by research leaders at the University of Delaware, Johns Hopkins University and Albany State University, CBEAR is a USDA Center of Excellence whose efforts are supported by a diverse group of research professionals within academia, non-profits and government from across the United States. 


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